Complete Your Summer Wardrobe

Happy Summer! I’d like to suggest the following five pieces as essential additions to your summer wardrobe:
1. Wardrobe staple jacket. Women: White Jacket, in a business casual style that can be worn over a dress, a skirt, or jeans.
Men: Blue Blazer: Your most versatile wardrobe component
2. Bathing Suit with coordinating cover up/top. (see below) You will get invited to the beach or a pool this summer, and you will not be restricted by feeling that your beach wear is unflattering/worn out.
3. Lightweight denim jeans or capris: Jeans are an official wardrobe staple in the US, and come in varying weights. This season I suggest a lightweight style in a medium wash. For men I like Hiltl, for women Rock and Republic or 7 For All Mankind.
4. Tan or Khaki Slacks: This is another item that needs to be replaced fairly often. The light color shows dirt but on a hot day they’re easier to put on than darker slacks.
5. Wardrobe extra that you will wear a lot. Women: Long flowy skirt or dress. Depending on your body type one of these styles will flatter you and it is easier to wear in the humidity than pants.
Men: Linen or linen blend shirt in a light color. This is a business-like look that is summery and comfortable.
Add these pieces to your existing wardrobe for extra style and variety!

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