Five Reason to Find a Good Tailor

For as long as tailored clothing has been popular, men have known the importance of finding and using a good tailor. When mentailor shop purchase a suit or other tailored clothing it’s a given, they choose the item and have the tailor come out to measure so it can be altered to fit. Women, on the other hand, don’t usually have such a convenient option. They need to make another stop. Additionally, women’s clothes are cut to fit by designer intent, rather than using a standard measuring system. For men and women alike, it’s important to find a good tailor in your area and see them on a regular basis. Your tailor will help you to reach your wardrobe goals and will be an asset in several ways.

A tailor could reduce the bagginess on the side of this shirt
A tailor could reduce the bagginess on the side of this shirt

1. The most important reason to use a good tailor is because clothing that fits properly is the most flattering. Clothing that is too tight and clothing that is too loose makes you look heavier. A tailor could reduce the bagginess on the side of this shirt. Unfortunately items that don’t fit properly have a tendency to draw attention to those areas that you would rather draw the eye away from.
2. A good tailor can extend the life of your clothing. Styles change and if your tailor can alter your garments to look more current they will save you money along with the time spent shopping for something new.
3. As your weight fluctuates there is no need to purchase a new wardrobe. Ideally your weight is headed in the direction that you want, but it could be in a seesaw pattern. The most common objection to using my services is that someone is trying to lose weight. A tailor will eliminate this concern and will ensure a good fit in the transition period between your current and desired weight.
4. Including a good tailor in your arsenal of helpers enables you to purchase clothing that you want but that may not fit perfectly. Imagine finding the exact top you need to create an outfit at a post-holiday sale; it’s 90% off but a little large. It will perfectly match a skirt that sits in the back of your closet waiting for a mate. You can confidently buy the top, save money, and retrieve the skirt from early retirement just because of the tailor.
5. ATailor-Woman talented seamstress or dressmaker will stylistically guide you. A good dressmaker will tell you where your hem should fall, whether your dress needs darts, and the ideal length of your sleeves. They will also tell you if they cannot fix something.

Tailor, seamstress or dressmaker; whatever you choose to call them, they are an integral part of your wardrobe support team. There are talented tailors in every town or community. Please contact me if you need some suggestions for your area.

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