Trends for Summer 2014 Q & A

Trends for Summer 2014 include some brand new looks, along with those that have reappeared from past years. What makes fashion so interesting is that it is always changing and evolving. What’s in style varies not only through time, but among regions, climates and seasons. Fashion trends will come and go, and sometimes come back again, but often in a slightly different form. The variable nature of fashion may leave you uncertain as to what’s in style, and what’s not. Here are some basic guidelines and answers to common fashion questions that can help you while preparing your closet for the start of Summer 2014.


Q: Is it okay for your outfit to consist of all one color?mono-white

When done right, wearing all one color can bring edginess to a look that may actually be rather simple. One color, or monotone doesn’t mean wearing the same exact shade from head to toe. Monotone can mean wearing the same color in different fabrics or textures, wearing the same tone but varying light and dark, or wearing a layered look with different shades of the same color. Additionally, you can add one pop of color, preferably on your lip, shoe or bag to complete the outfit.


Q: Can I mix designers?

Mixing designers is perfectly fine. You never want to be completely in one name designer if logos and initials are showing; this can be seen as a way of “over-doing” it, and may come off as tacky.


Q: Am I too old to wear …?Too Young

No one wants to look old, just as no one wants to dress frumpy. Staying up to date with changing fashion trends can shave years off your look, but you never want to seem like you are trying to hard to go back in time. My mantra is, if I wore it the first time around, I am too old for it now. Feel free to be bold and try new things, but wear clothes that fit well and flatter you; chances are if you wore a re-emerging style the first time around you are too old for it now.


Q: Can I mix prints?

Mixing prints is a trend for Summer 2014 that is becoming very popular. It can be risky, but if done correctly will make you look stylish and confident. Try this look with prints that are somewhat similar in design or color, and either small or varying in size.Don_Outfit_Set


Q: Are outfit sets in style?

Another trend from the past that has become very popular is the matching blouse and pant set. It is fun, quick, & easy. And together, paired with a nice sandal or pump, could make a very sophisticated outfit.