Dress for Your Values

Just as a conservative person would not wear tight and revealing outfits, and an adventurous individual would dress more creatively, so should we all tap into our personality and values in order to feel more connected with our wardrobe. The image books say that there are seven different fashion styles for both men and women: Classic, Sporty, Elegant, Dramatic, Romantic, Sexy and Creative. The most January Jones in Sheath Dress: Classic to Elegantcommon for everyday dressing are the first three: Classic, Sporty and Elegant. Classic style is embodied in a traditional two-button suit Blue Blazer & Khaki Slacksin a neutral color, a blue blazer with tan slacks, or a sheath dress and pumps. Add a vest to the suit, a pocketsquare to the blazer or a scarf to the dress, and you’ve transitioned into elegance. Sporty looks involve rugged fabrics such as corduroy, twill and denim, in casual styles. We are all sporty at some point during the week. The remaining four styles are less distinct and often mixed with one of the primary three. Dramatic style entails bold designs in black, or an eye catching color like lipstick red, gold or silver. A large pattern, severe hairstyle or bold accessory will also render an outfit dramatic. Creative dressing consists of either an unusual mix of colors or a super trendy or vintage style that is flattering but unique. Sexy draws attention to the body while romantic looks present a soft, dreamy style that is not powerful in business, but can work in a social or home setting. We all have a mix of looks in our wardrobe and dress according to our plans for the day, or the styles of those we’ll be meeting with. But if you examine more closely those items that are your favorites, you will see they fall into just one or two of the seven fashion styles. This information can then guide you to your ideal style values.

Another value that I’d like to mention is “Made in America”. In the food business, there is a movement underway to eat locally, meaning to consume American Flagfood that comes from a certain area, usually within a 100 mile radius of one’s home. The benefits of this are many: food is fresher; you support local farmers, food is often organic and environmentally there is less pollution with a closer distance to travel. Years ago, the clothing industry was concentrated in the west side of Manhattan, and most of what we wore was Made in America. Now clothing is pieced together in all areas of the world and it’s rare to see anything Made in America. But there is a new clothing line I’ve been introduced to namely Jana Kos, (www.janakos.com). Jana has been in the fashion business for over twenty years, and was the designer behind Juliana Collezione. The Jana Kos styles are new and fresh, while the company has old-fashioned values. The majority of the Jana Kos Collection is “Made in America”, right in New York City’s garment center on Manhattan’s west side. We are helping our own economy while staying true to our values.

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