The Blurring of Social and Business

One aspect of modern life that I’ve noticed is the blurring of social and business functions. Many of my friends are involved in

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ImageDesign, either directly as clients, as participants in one of my programs, or by recommending clients to me. Conversely, several relationships that began strictly as business contacts have developed into wonderful friendships.

Of course much is made of the fact that we are at work as long as we are hooked into our laptops and smart phones (Men's Dk. Brown Spring Suit24/7 except for sleep). I was thinking about the way this relates to wardrobes since we all cram so much into a day and many activities are a mix of business and social. This happy conglomeration points to the need for more versatility in clothes, making sure that what you wear can go from a breakfast meeting to the office, to a social dinner or evening business event. For men this outfit is usually a suit, a sport coat and slacks, or simply a shirt and pants. For women it can be a dress, a suit and blouse, slacks and a sweater set, or jeans with a pretty jacket. Whatever level of dress you choose, you want to make sure you get the most use out of it. If a garment is comfortable, versatile and flattering don’t be afraid to use it for multi purposes. Just like your relationships, your clothes and your wardrobe can evolve from one area of your life to another.

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