Dressing for the Media

Did you know that dressing for TV is different from dressing for a personal meeting? Have you ever been interviewed on TV, or simply talked Color Wheelto others on a video conference call, and disliked what you saw? When dressing for television, wearing color is fine, but it’s best to tone it down. Black, white and bright red all appear differently on TV than in person. Pure white will glow and can become the most noticeable object on the screen; black is too harsh and can suck up all the light; bright reds can “bleed” on camera and become distracting. Other don’ts include stripes, checks, herringbone, small intricate designs and flashy jewelry. They are hard for a TV camera to pick up.

So, what do I suggest? Most shades of blue work well; similarly pastels in pink, green or lavender. Ivory, yellow, gray and brown are other options. Solids are generally the best choice, although large patterns are okay, and a contrasting jacket, sweater or trim finishes the look. Yellow, burgundy or light blue ties for men against a white or light blue shirt seem appealing. Vertical lines, subdued colors and simple jewelry lend authority and seriousness. Wear clothing that fits. Women should be wary of short skirts and tight clothing, men should avoid short socks. In other words dress in a simple, boring manner. Watch your posture and no shiny makeup. Of course speak slowly and clearly. Good luck!

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