Comfort Dressing: clothes of ease, or ease of close?

We’ve all heard of Comfort Food; it usually consists of macaroni & cheese, meatloaf or ice cream, generally food that is soft and easy to eat; it Chicken Pot Piemay remind us fondly of our childhood, or a time in the past that was easy and safe. There are restaurants devoted exclusively to comfort food. Most of us also have our Comfort Clothes; these too are soft, cozy, easy to wear and most likely well-worn. How often do we hear of comfort in clothes, and assume that the comfort is physical, whether in a Comfortable Dresssoft, drapey fabric, garments that fit loosely and don’t pull or bind, or that provide warmth in the colder months? What if I told you that a suit, a fitted dress or a blue blazer could provide the same amount of comfort, albeit a different type?
I am talking about the type of psychological comfort that you feel when you know you are dressed appropriately for an occasion, whether it’s a business event, or a social or family gathering. You can just sense the tacit approval when others see you and realize “you read the memo, you get it, you belong”. The opposite of this feeling is the discomfort you get in the pit of your stomach when you realize everyone else has shown up in a suit and tie, or a dress accessorized to the hilt, and you are sloppily clad in a t-shirt, jeans or worse, gym clothes. Maybe you’ve experienced the opposite and have been severely overdressed, i.e. for an interview at a start-up company or a soiree at a country club. Some of those reading might pretend this has never happened to them; either they are always dressed perfectly (doubtful), or those times when they were severely underdressed did nothing to undermine their feeling of belonging and comfort. No need to pretend any longer! If your wardrobe contains all the basic necessities that suit your lifestyle, you will be prepared for any occasion. No list, however, can tell you exactly what to wear for every event where your presence is required, nor would you want it to. But if you have a variety of items in your wardrobe you will have the tools at hand to always be dressed appropriately, and to feel comfortable in your clothes.
So think about the times to come when you will be well dressed, whether in a business or casual setting, about how effective and relaxed you’ll feel, how at ease, how secure in the knowledge that you belong, despite the tie that may be tugging at your collar or the belt that is hugging your waist, or the shoes that may be a touch too stiff – you will be comfortable in the knowledge that you absolutely look terrific!

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