Ten Wardrobe Basics for Women



I have come to realize there is a small group of basic pieces that are trendproof and can be worn year after year. If you have these 10 basics in your wardrobe, and they are in good condition and fit well, you can add more trendy colorful items to fill in, but you should never feel that you have nothing to wear. Here are the items in no particular order:

1. Jeans: In a medium or dark wash. Can be straight leg, skinny, flare, or bootcut, based on your body type.

2. Tunic Style Top: In a pattern or color to pair with jeans or leggings; or wear over a bathing suit.

3. Day Dress: A cotton shirtwaist, wrap style, fitted sheath or A-line will work. If what you like is sleeveless add a jacket, cardigan or shawl. Neutral beige shoes will update a basic black or navy style.

4. Jacket that can double as outerwear: A fitted single breasted or shorter swing style can be worn with slacks for a business look, or as outerwear with jeans or a dress.

5. Cardigan: Can be worn over a dress, top, or buttoned up on its own.

6. Pantsuit: This should be in a neutral color, warm or cool, whichever is flattering for you: tan, brown, gray, black, or navy.

7. Black Pants: Still the most ubiquitous wardrobe staple of all time.

8. Blouse: Patterned in silk or cotton; to match your color palette

9. Casual Cotton Top: Something that can be worn out or tucked-in; solid color cotton or rayon with a touch of lycra.

10. Skirt: Knee-length or slightly longer. Choose a color or pattern that will match your other pieces.

These pieces are classic, but should not be boring! Do not feel shy about spending a little more on any of these items as you will find that you reach for them time and again.

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