Replenishing your Wardrobe and Rejuvenating your Attitude

As an image consultant I generally get a flurry of calls at the start of a New Year from clients who made New Year’s resolutions and want to follow up on them. These range from updating their wardrobe, to changing their hairstyle, to losing weight. (or looking like they did, which is where I come in). I find that all of these changes can help with the winter doldrums, but nothing is more powerful than replenishing your Shopping in Your Closetwardrobe.

January may not seem like the ideal time to shop and reorganize your wardrobe, but there are several reasons that make it a perfect time.

1) Think after-Christmas and January sales. Pretty much all winter merchandise is reduced in January, some with drastic price reductions. It’s a great time to stock up on basics like pantsuits, coats and blouses. Plus the new merchandise in the stores is transitional and perfect to wear as spring approaches (and then pull back out during the early fall season).
2) Winter is always longer than you think it will be. By early February chances are that your wardrobe will seem repetitive, but with another six weeks left until spring you have no choice but to continue wearing the same outfits.
3) A few new wardrobe pieces can provide the pick-me-up that may be lacking during short winter days. If you are like me then you have significantly less energy during the winter. Since the stores are less crowded now, it’s a perfect time to browse for an item that mayShopping act as a catalyst to an updated look.
4) It’s a great opportunity to try some new colors that you wouldn’t necessarily buy during the fall. Sometimes it takes a few months to get used to a new color, but by January you are aware of what you already have in your closet and are ready to choose a contrasting alternative.

Work Week wardrobeBut the #1 best reason to replenish your wardrobe in January is because unless you’re skiing or vacationing somewhere warm, you are tired of the dark, cold days and need to be rejuvenated. By refreshing your wardrobe with a few new pieces, you can feel optimistic about getting dressed, and can expect that positive attitude to rub off on all your activities throughout the day.

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