Week’s Worth of Business Attire on $125

When I was presented with the challenge of finding a week’s worth of business attire for $125 I was skeptical. It’s hard enough to find a day’s worth of business attire for $125, much less a week’s. But assuming a five day work week and business casual attire at the office here are my suggestions:Gray Slacks.gifBlack Ribbed Skirt.gif

Women will need a few separates that can mix and match, along with a dress or jacket to anchor the group. This is where capsule dressing comes in handy, because not only does it allow you to wear multiple pieces in different combinations, but it also entails just buying one pair of shoes.

Begin with a neutral pair of slacks. Black is an obvious choice, but I’m going to suggest gray. You can get a pair of year-round charcoal gray slacks at Macy’s for $28. Then choose a Style & Co. black ribbed pencil skirt for the same price.

Next consider tops. You can get a Murano blue faux- wrap top which matches both slacks and skirt for $13.

It’s business casual yet professional looking. There is a more casual three-quarter sleeve top for $11 in light purple which again will match both skirt and pants and transitionVelvet Jacket nicely into spring.Blue Wrap Top.gifPurple Top.gif

Now, choose a black velveteen Elementz three-quarter sleeve jacket style cardigan for $7.

This actually gives you 8 outfits: the skirt with either top, the slacks with either top, and each outfit with or without the cardigan jacket. But you still have $38; you can choose a medium gray short-sleeve cross weave dress on sale at Dress Barn for $25.

Gray Woven DressIt has a flattering shape and comfortable drapey fabric; the dress will look terrific with or without the jacket.  If the neck is too low you can add a pretty white camisole from Hanes for $7.

You have spent $124, and own enough outfits for almost two weeks. This versatile group of clothing will be wearable through early spring and can be easily packed go on a business trip. Just add black patent pumps, a leather handbag (try red for oomph) and go with a black and silver necklace. Be warned, though, these are all web-based special prices, and will sell out; as I learned when I rewrote this article three times since the previous items were no longer available!

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