While I was in France…

I was in Paris, shortly before Fashion Week 2013. The city was getting ready, and fashionistas were out and about. The city looked beautiful. The shop windows were meticulously displayed. Below are are sCIMG0952 (2)ome of my observations:
1. Saw lots of scarves, men wear them as often as women. The French seem to tie them effortlessly, and the colors don’t always match the clothes, but the style does.
2. The French love shoes. I did not see anyone wearing boring shoes, as every other shop was a shoe store. There were no stilettos due to the cobblestones, but lots of pretty styles including pumps, wedges, boots and kitten heels.
3. Men wore a variety of wide-brimmed hats along with their wool topcoats and trousers.
4. Women wore all variety of skinny pants, including those in leather, denim and twill. On top were sweaters, blouses and shawls. Many topped these with vests in fur, lace or wool.
5. Sneakers are only worn for exercise, except for the colorful style shown at the Olympics; pink or green with matching laces.
6. Striped sweaters and tops are popular; many in navy or black, with ivory or white.striped sweater
7. Tip from a French shopkeeper: dress simply and keep the emphasis on accessories.
8. Makeup of choice is red lips, no liner, dark cat eyes with extra mascara.
Dog in Sweater9. Dogs got a dose of fashion with colorful sweaters.
10. The babies and children were dressed as well as their parents, sporting matching hats and scarves, little shoes or boots and pushed around in designer prams.

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