What to Wear in the Spring

As I was out and about today I realized that it’s one of the few springs in memory that necessitate a “spring coat”. Growing up every year my Spring_Coatsmother bought me a spring coat, which was in a lightweight tapered style, often belted and usually in a light color or floral pattern. The newer coats come in patterns, not florals but more geometrics and weaves. If I wore a spring coat five times throughout the season it seemed like a lot. (it was always worn on Easter) But spring this year calls for this type of outerwear; a raincoat or trench won’t do; it must be a spring coat.

Spring_LeatherIn addition to a lightweight spring coat, the changes in the weather throughout the day this season make it almost imperative to dress in layers. A blouse, a sweater, and a jacket can be worn together, so long as the collars don’t clash. Scarves are another good option for layering and to keep warm in the breezy spring air. Designers are showing a variety of spring leathers, often combined with a knit, or other woJay Z in Scarfven material. Spring leathers are different from those shown in the fall based on their weight and coloration.

For gentlemen this is perfect weather to use your sport jacket as outerwear and add a narrow brim hat. If you prefer something more casual, try a bomber style jacket, or lightweight car coat. Scarves along with the jacket can work for you as well. An unstructured style and neutral color will ensure that you wear your transitional jacket for many seasons to come.

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