New Year, New Trends

As we begin 2014 I want to focus on which new trends to watch out for. Some of these can be incorporated now into your wardrobe, while others will need to wait until the weather warms up. As your fashion consultant I’m encouraging you to make a resolution to try one of these trends; I bet you will surprise yourself at how new and fresh it looks!

My picks for the top 4 trends for women:

  1. Contrast collar button-down shirts. I am always encouraging clients to wear contrast near their face to bring out and enhance their features, and here is a style that will do it for you. Yes, it’s been a menswear Ladies Contrast Collar Shirtstaple for ages, but Full_Skirt_Boxy_Jacketon a women’s pretty silk or cotton blouse a contrast-collar looks original.
  2. Longer skirts. Skirts are still hugely popular at all lengths, but the longer skirts look newer and are easy to wear. For business keep skirts only slightly below the knee, but for casual wear or going out the length between mid-shin and ankle, known as tea-length, will stand out. Make sure to wear this style with a shorter, fitted top and open-toe wedge heels or mules (or cowboy boots for a funky look) to keep it grounded.
  3. Boxy, cropped jackets. These will not replace the standard, more conservative fitted blazer, but will pair well with longer skirts and the wider leg Flowered_BWtrousers that are also being shown. They work with other spring fashions as they are meant to be worn open and can be simply thrown over the shoulders.
  4. Graphic Black and White Prints. This is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. I love graphic black and white because the designs offer drama, but as neutrals the pieces can be worn with a variety of other colors. Look for patterns that are floral, graphic plaid or ombre (go from dark to light) rather than the stripes and freeform styles from last year.

And, the top four trends for men for 2014:

  1. Florals. If you are old enough to remember the 60’s, then you will remember Flower Power. Floral patterns and flowers appear to be huge in 2014, surprisingly more for men than women. Look for flowered ties, casual shirts, and for the very brave, flowered jackets and pants.Plaid jacketPolkaDot_Pocketsquare
  2. Plaid and checked blazers. These can be worn for business or casual, and paired with slim-cut trousers (business), or jeans (casual). Plaid suits are on trend as well.
  3. Another throwback from the 60’s is polka dots. Polka dots are appearing in both women’s and menswear, but I think they are more fun for men. Polka dots can be found in ties, shirts, and accessories such as pocketsquares.
  4. Slim-cut suits are still the most prevalent, although slouchy fabrics and loose styles for casual wear look on trend.  It’s called the 40’s and 50’s casual look, and think Jack Kerouac or Allen Ginsberg.

We will be seeing these styles and more as the weather gradually gets warmer. But for now during the grey days of January it’s pleasant to look forward to brighter colors and fun patterns.