How Home Decor Relates to Wardrobe

People often assume that as a wardrobe consultant I enjoy and am talented at home décor. Although there are similarities between interior decorators and wardrobe consultants, being talented in one area does not automatically mean being gifted at both. I do realize that some similarities are the basic aspects of visual composition; they would also relate to art, graphic design and other areas as well. But other similarities only exist between wardrobe and home decor; both are very personal, yet visible to many.

One similarity between having a well-edited wardrobe and a pleasing home environment is consistency of style. JustRed_Sofa as you wouldn’t mix traditional, modern, colonial and Greek elements in a living room, you shouldn’t combine creative, formal, dramatic and sporty pieces in an outfit. It’s okay to have a flow to a home with each room having a certain style, but several styles together in one room looks like mishmash. Similarly wearing too many trends, over accessorizing or dressing in pieces without a cohesive look can appear jarring. This is why I always suggest one focal point, with everything else being complementary. Otherwise it’s hard for people’s eyes to focus, and your outfit appears to be moving around. It’s best to choose the focus of an outfit, whether it’s a well-tailored pantsuit, funky shoes, brightly patterned dress or significant necklace first, and then work out from there.

Room décor, likeFeminine_Dressing a wardrobe, calls for both a main color theme and an accent color. Just as contrast in an outfit will emphasize what is next to it, an accent color in the home gives the observer a basis on which to focus. In both cases, having a contrast nearby will emphasize the color scheme, and add definition to what’s around it. In a wardrobe that includes your facial features, and this is why contrast is a great way to stand out.


In a room a decorator will tell you to mix varieties of height, size and texture, in order to keep things interesting. Similarly, a wardrobe consultant will recommend mixing texture along with large and small patterns. Twill pants, a silk top, leather jacket and patent shoes, all being different textures can still mix well together; even if there is a small pattern in the top and different, larger pattern in the shoes the outfit will appear consistent so long as the colors and styles mesh. It’s more interesting to dress this way rather than in a monotone look of solid colors and similar textures.

Lastly, I want to mention comfort. It is imperative that a home be comfortable, both physically and emotionally. What good is a beautiful sofa if it is uncomfortable to sit on, or a stunning kitchen that is not pleasing to the cook? Likewise, your wardrobe must be appropriate for you both physically, and mentally, so that you as the wearer feel it expresses your internal spirit while surrounding your body with comfort.