Packing for Travel

Many of us are traveling this summer, and know that we should pack lightly. Aside from not having to lug around and check heavy luggage, being smart about packing for travel has several advantages. It forces you to organize your outfits beforehand, rather than using precious vacation time to decide what to wear. It allows you to bring only the accessories that you know you’ll need, rather than several in each category. And you will have a better chance of actually having more to wear if you plan out and pack capsule groups of pieces rather than all outfits.

Deciding which pieces to bring may be more difficult than it sounds. That’s why it’s a good idea to at least open your suitcase a few days before you leave. This way as you think of items you need you can simply layer them in. First consider if there are any events that you need something specific for. These could be a wedding or other celebration; an important meeting or presentation; or simply dinner at a special restaurant. Observe the colors you have so far, andĀ  plan on bringing other pieces that can coordinate and make the outfit as versatile as possible.

I know my readers, and there’s a good chance this outfit might be black. That’s fine, it will give you more leeway to plan your other colors. Consider a group of blue, black and beige; green, black and white; or red, gray and black. Whatever you decide make sure there are enough pieces to create up to ten outfits. This will give you enough options to feel comfortable and be happy based on your plans, the weather, and your mood. The advantage to bringing capsule groups in similar colors is that only one (or two) sets of accessories are needed.

Women's Travel Capsule
Women’s Travel Capsule

I’ve compiled a list of my suggestions for ten basics that areĀ  helpful to bring along on any trip. Of course use your judgement based on the locale and your plans. But I find that I am always happy when I have the following items:

  1. Nicely fitting denim jeans.
  2. Lightweight hooded jacket.
  3. Blazer or denim jacket
  4. Sport Jacket (Men)/Black dress (Women)
  5. Exercise wear or sporting gear
  6. Cardigan for layering
  7. Variety of shirts/tops/pants
  8. Bathing suit and cover-up
  9. Comfortable Shoes (plus business and/or dress shoes)
  10. Small handbag or cross body bag

Packing for travel doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. With a little bit of planning it will help get you excited for your trip, rather than being the unpleasant add-on to an otherwise fun vacation.