Early Spring Trends to Consider

Spring is already here, and it’s time to start reorganizing your wardrobe. Not only that, but New York Fashion Week was in February. What spring trends are in for this season and for the warmer weather? 
Spring Coats/Trench Coats
As the weather is becoming warmer, it’s time to think of investing in cooler outerwear that is both trendy and comfortable. Spring coats for women and trench coats for both men women are great for warmer or rainy weather. Coats are light and can complement any outfit. Coats make the bodies look slimmer and can be worn with accessories like scarves.
White Blouses
White is a color in style for this season. White is a complete neutral and easy color to match with, and it’s suitable for warmer weather. White blouses for this season’s trends have a more dramatic cut to them. Consider pairing a white blouse with some denim for an edgy look.
Denim is huge this season, and it’s easy to start wearing one of the new denim pieces right now. Women look for high-waisted denim trousers, along with denim dresses, vests, skirts and jumpsuits. These pieces can be mixed with either more tailored items, or with loose and flowy tops or pants for a 70’s feel. Men you are best off sticking with more traditional denim jeans, or try a custom-made denim blazer for a casually elegant look.
Patterns have always been big, but stripes are definitely a style to consider for this season! The great thing about stripes is that they are universal. Stripes can be worn by both men and women. They can be worn as either vertical or horizontal, and can vary in color and width. Stripes can also flatter your body shape!