Solving the I have Nothing to Wear Challenge

As an image consultant I am always speaking with others about their wardrobe, and all-too-often hear a common complaint: “my closet is full, yet I have nothing to wear!” If you have voiced this feeling yourself, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Not only are you in good company, but there are some definite steps you can take to avoid the “I have nothing to wear challenge”.

First take a look in your closet…
1. Remove from your closet everything that a. you don’t like; b. doesn’t fit or isn’t flattering; c. is old, in poor condition or out of style. Please donate it where it will be worn and appreciated. This will free up space and enable you to better see what you have; it’s less challenging to own fewer clothes but ones that you wear more often. 
2. Keep the pieces you wear most often in the front. This sounds like it should happen naturally, but sometimes we have complicated methods of putting clothes back in the closet. Unless you are doing a formal rotation, put the item back in the closet where you found it. If you create a spot for everything in your closet you’ll know where to find it. Out of sight, out of mind is definitely applicable to your wardrobe.
3. Have at least five reliable go-to outfits on hand.  These can range from a casual denim look to a dress or pantsuit, but should be hung up ready to wear and completely accessorized. Make sure your go-to outfits are clean and pressed before returning them to your closet.
4. Hang outfits together. If you organize pieces by outfit it’ll be easier to find your go-to outfits. You can purchase hangers that enable you to hang a top and bottom together.  Feel free to place a matching necklace or scarf on the hanger as well, so there are no misplaced accessories when you’re getting dressed!
5. Get rid of mismatched hangers. This will help keep a neat and uniform look! And please don’t leave your clothes in dry-cleaner bags. Take them out of the bags and off the wire hangers so they can become part of your rotation.
6. Forget about aspirational dressing; only buy clothes that work with your current lifestyle. We have all been guilty of getting caught up in the dream feeling that owning certain clothes will lead us to have a different, more glamorous type of life. It’s nice to own beautiful clothes but if you don’t wear them on a regular basis you’re better off spending money on the basics that you will wear every day.
Speaking of basics, it’s a good idea to keep some essential items in your wardrobe: well-fitting denim jeans; narrow straight leg black pants;  a long sleeve white or light blue blouse; a dark-colored, fitted jacket (check out this one from Bailey 44); a flattering black, navy or bright red dress.
If you’ve noticed a common theme with these suggestions, it’s about keeping it simple and staying organized. It’s fun to have some exciting special occasion pieces to wear every now and then, but for most of us, everyday wear is  more functional than dramatic or glamorous! I hope these tips helped you solve the I have nothing to wear challenge.
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