Finding the Right Colors for Your Complexion

Have you ever wondered what colors complement your complexion? With America being the diverse melting pot it is, there are many different outlets to choose and match clothes from. What colors best represent your image and who you are?
When finding out what colors best match your complexion, overtone can be used to define your skin type, while everyone’s undertone falls into only one of three categories: cool, warm, or neutral. Overtone is used to describe the visible color of your skin, while undertone is a term most commonly used for choosing what makeup will match your complexion. In this case however, we can use overtone to describe what attire colors will complement your skin tone, and undertone to choose the intensity of those colors. Consider your overtone and this will help you when deciding what colors to wear when choosing your wardrobe.
If you fall on the paler side of the skin tone spectrum, keep in mind to avoid colors that are too bold. Bold colors will conflict with your tone. Look for colors that are subtle and light to complement your complexion.
If you fall on the medium side with a reddish hue, wear colors with a tan underside and opt for peach, moderate blues, greens, and reds. Avoid black and white.
If you have a medium complexion with a yellowish tone, follow the colors of the rainbow. Any color except black and subtle neutrals can work here.
If you are dark, or have pale skin and dark hair, consider wearing colors that are bright and bold. Think red, yellow, orange, and purple. White and gray also do well to complement your tone. Avoid subtle and neutral colors; these do not blend well with your skin.
Both ivory and turquoise are universal colors that flatter any skin tone.
You will most likely combine colors to make various combinations. Create a nice contrast by combining a bright shade with a color that has a deep hue.

Colors can be used to represent your overall image. What might certain colors portray to people? You can find out by reading a previous article I wrote on the meaning of colors. Try to match the color definition palette with the suggestions above. What colors describe you and what do they mean? Although we may not think too much on what outfits we pick out for everyday, colors can play a huge part in how we look and feel.
It’s important to make the most out of your closet while also optimizing your personal style. Don’t be afraid to explore your preferences and get energized to reorganize your closet.