Wedding Attire for Guests

Weddings, like many other areas of life, are getting more casual. Sure, there are still lots of black tie affairs, but you are likely to see as many dark suits there as tuxedos. How to decide what to wear? Usually a wedding invitation will include a dress suggestion but they’re not always clear; I have outlined in detail the more popular descriptions below. If you receive an invitation that doesn’t state appropriate dress, I suggest  you consider venue, time of day, and geographical area when deciding what to wear. The invitation itself may give you a hint as well, for example a more formal invitation suggests classic attire. Please see below for some other ideas:
 Black tie or Formal Requested 
1. For men this means if you own a tuxedo, please wear it. If you don’t own a tuxedo, wear a black or dark navy suit, with a white shirt and formal tie. Black, polished leather shoes and cufflinks will complete the look.
2. For women, wear a long, short or on-trend hi/low dress; they are all good options. It’s the time to wear your blingiest cocktail jewelry. Take care on choosing shoes  as you want them comfortable for dancing but dressy enough to balance out the dress. These ankle-strap, block heel sandals seem to work well.
Black Tie Optional: 
3. Black Tie Optional is one step down from Black Tie, but  similar. Most men will wear dark suits, with a white shirt and tie. Women have more options, and can wear a gown, a cocktail dress, dressy pants, or even a jumpsuit.
4. Complete your outfit with shiny accessories like gold cufflinks, a clutch or sparkly jewelry. A clutch bag with a simple and clean look like the one below from Nordstrom will complement your statement dress and tie the entire outfit together.
Cocktail Attire: 
5.Cocktail attire gives everyone more leeway, and can include pants for women, various dress styles including the new maxi-style dresses, along with a sport jackets for men. A tie is suggested but not essential.
6. Cocktail Attire is, as it sounds, a good excuse to get dressed up.Even if you opt for one of the more casual options, plan on looking festive, either with shiny accessories, extra jewelry, or details that say fun.
Casual Attire: 
7.Casual Attire is a catchall phrase along with smart casual, dressy casual, and dress to impress. Casual can include festive dresses; sundresses; pants, capris or palazzo pants; for men, nice slacks or khakis, and sport jackets with or without a tie. Make sure you are wearing something fun, whether it’s a pair of glittering drop earrings, or  lace-up platform sandals. You don’t want to look boring!
8. Go on-trend  with an off the shoulder or open-shoulder dress that can be easily paired with a nice wedge shoe or strappy sandal. This way you’ll look put together but not too formal. Another look to consider for women if you are not into dresses is separates. This can include a pantsuit with a blouse, a playful two-piece set, or a skirt and top combo.