What is BANK?

BANK teaches that people respond differently to various selling techniques based on their buying personality. Selling becomes easier when you align your personality with that of your clients. BANK divides these personalities into four groups based on their values and what is most important to them:

  • Blueprint (Tradition/Stability)
  • Action (Excitement/Competition)
  • Nurturing (Relationships/Authenticity)
  • Knowledge (Intelligence/Information). 

Through BANK you will learn how to determine your client’s values and buying personality, along with your own selling personality and value proposition. See below to learn more about the four personalities and my suggestions on how to dress for them. To learn more about BANK please go to BANK online.


A Blueprint personality will reflect the most conservative fashion style of the four personality types. Since Blueprints value tradition, predictability and structure, they will want their clothing to reflect these values. That means finding a consistent look and sticking with it. For men this could be a navy suit, with a dark tie and white shirt. For women it could be black pants worn with varying jackets and colorful shells. Shoes and other accessories should be consistent with the conventional appeal, meaning nothing scuffed, dramatic, or overly casual. (see Choosing Accessories for Men). When meeting with a Blueprint Values individual, go with a conservative, reserved appearance. Immaculate grooming is important as well, since the Blueprint person will not want you to appear sloppy or informal.


The Action personality feels most comfortable in sporty clothes. An Action person needs clothing and shoes that can keep up with their busy schedule. Some potential business outfits for an Action type are dresses with comfortable boots and tights, or a pantsuit with an interesting design. Men can wear dark wash jeans with a  sport jacket, and loafers, or high-end sneakers. Action BANK types, as clients, are impressed by logos, quality and designer merchandise. When meeting with a client whom you consider an Action type, I suggest stepping up your style. Even the most casual Actions regard fashion as a way of expressing yourself, and will immediately notice the style and quality of your clothing. Since they are concerned with image, I suggest you dress at a higher level of formality than your industry peers. Pay attention to details and aim for the best that you can afford, choosing quality over quantity. Designer jewelry, handbags and quality leather shoes will impress the Action BANK type.


The Nurturer looks for clothing that allows others to feel at ease and non-threatened. This means going for earth tones, soft fabrics and looking put-together with a casual vibe. The Nurturer aims for comfort, both for themselves and others. As the Nurturer’s goals and values include relationships, harmony and teamwork, they will do everything in their power to make others feel open to connection and personal growth. This means looking approachable and authentic.  Nurturers can be very much in style, but will do so without being flashy or ostentatious. They do not like to show off, and due to their desire to remain authentic, will always make an effort to dress in line with their own, personal fashion style.


Lastly we have the Knowledge personality. The Knowledge personality values expertise, competence and accuracy. The person interested in Knowledge will want to dress authentically, but not necessarily in tune with the trends. This could mean adopting a more creative style or simply dressing consistently with industry standards. Some outfits for the Knowledge individual include long flowy vests over a blouse and skinny pants, pantsuits or dresses in unique colors such as burgundy or pistachio, or a simple sweater and slacks. For men basic khakis with a plain blue or white dress shirt and loafers work for most occasions. Don’t expect the Knowledge individual whom you are selling to express an interest in your wardrobe choices, unless that is their business. They will expect you to look neat but otherwise the choice is yours regarding professional dress vs. business casual. When meeting a Knowledge based client, I recommend spending your time preparing for the meeting; they will be more interested in what you know than what you’re wearing.

Remember, selling becomes easier when you align your personality with that of your clients. Whether you dress for your clients, or are looking to determine your own fashion style, I trust this article has helped you sort out the best wardrobe choices that reflect the particular BANK look you are going for.