We are in a pivotal time in American History, where thousands of Americans are fighting for true justice and equality. In the past two weeks, countless protests have taken over the streets in honor of George Floyd’s life. So many have unjustly lost their lives to police brutality. The black community and their allies are at war to get the justice Floyd and countless other black Americans deserve. It is a start towards breaking the chain of 100+ years of racism that has affected America. Many are doing their part to show their support whether that be to sign petitions, donate, or protest. Being in support of the black community, along with all Americans, we at ImageDesign want to highlight black-owned designers and boutiques that have shaped the industry and that you can support right now. 

Reuben Reuel, Creator of DEMESTIK

The first designer we are featuring is Reuben Reuel, creator of DEMESTIK. DEMESTIK is a “sustainable lifestyle brand with products ethically made-on-demand”. From creating timeless dresses to tops Reuben plays perfectly into different shapes, colors, and patterns. It is clear that Rueben cherishes his West African roots through his designs but he also finds inspiration from cultures he’s experienced, his imagination, and unknown places. 

Carlie Cushnie, of Cushnie

The second black designer worth mentioning is Carly Cushnie, creator of CUSHNIE. Established in 2008 the brand is a luxury women’s ready-to-wear wardrobe and bridal brand. CUSHNIE’S brand consists of clean elegant pieces like the ones below. The CUSHNIE aesthetic embodies a sense of minimalism and femininity by the balance of proportion, fluidity, and structure. CUSHNIE has been worn by many celebrities such as Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Ashley Graham, and Jennifer Lopez.

Tawana Morris, of House of Chic LA

Next, we’re showcasing Tawana Morris, owner of House of Chic LA, and social media influencer, with 145K followers on Instagram. House of Chic LA is one of the best-known boutiques on social media. Prices for everything range from $50 to $100 and House of Chic LA carries everything for women including dresses, sets, rompers, tops, and bottoms. We love that items are sold in outfits so no need to search for what matches. The pieces are perfect for casual or date nights out.

Marion Lake, of Dem Two Hands

A boutique closer to home (at least for me) in Montclair, NJ is Dem Two Hands. Designer/business owner, Marion Lake named Dem Two Hands after a colloquial expression from her native Guyana. The store features mostly accessories such as handbags, scarves, belts, and cool looking reading and sunglasses. Clothing is available as well, and in the 30 years she’s been in business, Lake’s mission has been for, “women to feel comfortable in their skin, regardless of their size, shape, or age.”

Handbags and travel pouches from Dem Two Hands

Armando Cabral, Men’s Shoe Designer

Lastly, for men looking for some dapper new shoes, Armando Cabral is the website to go to. Born in Guinea Bissau, raised in Portugal, educated in England, and currently a resident of New York, Armando has experienced many different places and cultures. He sources his ideas through seasonal inspirations and the finest materials from around the world. Inspired by modernity, Armando Cabral brings his passion insights and wholeheartedness to every pair of shoes he creates.

Men’s shoe designs from Armando Cabral

Thank you for reading. We hope you will purchase from and support these black-owned designers and boutiques. And we look forward to the day when all Americans are treated equally, with justice and with respect.