Before I get into details on how to create a Lookbook, and why it’s beneficial, I’d like to mention exactly what a Lookbook is. A lookbook is a tool for fashion designers, retailers, vendors and stylists to showcase their collections. A lookbook is different from a catalog in that it tells a story, and in doing so, draws the reader in while building an emotional connection with them. A lookbook is sequential; it can be published monthly, seasonally, or annually, but it’s not a one-time project. Also a lookbook is interactive.

Psychology of a Lookbook

A lookbook is used to draw the reader into a brand through storytelling. A good lookbook will create desire for the products it showcases by painting a lifestyle portrait using photos, video and descriptions. Lookbooks began originally as hard cover volumes, but have since become mostly digital. Digital lookbooks have an advantage as they are interactive; they can showcase the product line and also sell it. Additionally, a digital lookbook can  include video.

The benefit to the reader of a lookbook is more in-depth knowledge of the collection, and the ability to purchase items directly from photographs. Photos in a lookbook will show how to wear the various pieces, and ways to style individual outfits. Lookbooks can relate the background story of a collection, and how the items all work together. Oftentimes a lookbook will relate the inspiration behind a certain collection.

Creating Your Lookbook

Begin creating your lookbook by using high quality photographs. Hiring a professional photographer will ensure that your pictures are clear, with well-thought out backgrounds, settings and lighting. Include brief product descriptions, and a link to purchase each item. Lay the photos out in a thoughtful manner, as if to tell a story. You will also want to include product names, possibly a video, and an attractive cover page. The cover page should state the collection name, date, brand name, and feature a photo or illustration.

Knowing how to create a lookbook means thinking about your brand’s message, and the story behind it. Many sites have lookbook templates, such as canva, readz, and flipsnack. They can help you get started.  However, it’s easy to build a lookbook from scratch, as clean lines, and sparse design detail will help keep the focus on your brand and collection, which is where you want it.