This year’s holidays are like no others that we have experienced, yet dressing the part can help us feel festive. Here are some suggestions on feeling comfortable, in order to look your best during the holidays, even if you’re just celebrating online, or only with immediate family.

Find Your Comfort Item

We all have a Comfort Item, what is yours?
For me, it’s narrow pants, whether they’re jeans, leggings or exercise pants, I am most comfortable when wearing something fitted around my legs. For you it could be a cozy sweater, a turtleneck, a knit scarf, or soft sweatpants. Once you know your item, think what you will pair with it – could be a tee-shirt, a tunic, jeans, or a sweater. Ideally choose something in a bright, festive color like this red Mango sweater. When you feel comfortable you’ll seem relaxed, and have an easier time enjoying the holidays.

Layer Your Clothing

Layering your clothing serves several purposes. Layering allows you to be dressed for the temperature, as it changes throughout the day. When you layer your clothing you have more flexibility, as you adjust to different in person or on-line dress scenarios. And layering lets you add that important third piece to your outfit, which gives depth, and allows you to express your individuality.
When you layer your clothing, it’s best if the pieces you wear together have both some similarities, and differences. Think in terms of color, fabric, texture and length. A contrast in color works well so long as the fabrics are similar. Same color looks best in varied textures, such as wearing all black, but in leather, cotton and knit. The final difference can be length. Consider a longer cardigan sweater with a waist length tee or top, or a cropped blazer with a longer blouse.

Add Fun and Sparkle

Adding sparkle to your outfit around the holidays is about making this time of year special, and letting others know that you feel festive. There are many simple ways to add sparkle – a glittery headband, shimmer toned blouses, gold or silver shoes, or even a sparkly mask. Mask chains have become must-have accessories as well!¬†When adding sparkle, consider whether you’ll be celebrating virtually, or in person. If virtual, keep fun details above your shoulders. If in person, think about adding sparkle at your waist, on your feet, at your neck, or all three!