Capsule of Wearable Basics

It’s a good idea, especially now, to have a capsule of wearable basics in your closet. Wearable basics are pieces that go from casual to business to (sometimes) dressy, depending on what they’re paired with. Wearable basics are comfortable, and presentable. They don’t draw attention to themselves, so you can be the one to shine. They are value-conscious, meaning though not always cheap, they have more than paid for themselves through wear over time.

Having wearable basics that you can pull out in a moment’s notice is the best thing about keeping an organized closet. Of all the fashion advice that’s out there to help simplify getting dressed this is the most important. When you have good quality, basic pieces that fit and you can depend on to be flattering, creating an outfit simply means choosing which of those basics to wear. Of course, you always have the option to spice it up with additional creative or dramatic pieces, or outrageous accessories.

Which Basics do I Need?

The basics I would include for women are good-fitting, flattering jeans, black slacks and/or leggings, a crisp white blouse, a good quality white tee-shirt, a black blouse or top, a sheath or shift dress (or jumpsuit), and a solid color blazer. Optional items include a long or cropped cardigan, a few more tops, patterned slacks or leggings and another jacket. These basics along with shoes and outerwear will form the foundation of your wardrobe.

The important thing to remember about your basics, is that they need to fit well, be flattering, and feel comfortable. Find brands that fit your body type, and be aware that not all sizing is the same. Look for designers who create seasonal pieces which are updated regularly. Your capsule of wearable basics will consist of classic designs, which are neither trendy, nor stodgy.

Basics are Value Driven

Purchasing and keeping basic items in your wardrobe is consistent with lessons we’ve learned throughout the past year. As we continue to yearn for comfort and value in our clothing, basics aim to fill those needs. Additionally, our personal values may be steering us to create more order, ease and sustainability in our lives. The more we wear an item of clothing, the more comfortable it feels to us, and the more value we derive from it. Owning basic pieces and caring for them year after year creates a pattern of sustainability. The more use we get from an item, the more it creates value for us, and allows us to be comfortable in our own skin. Now what could be more value driven than that?