To bring elegance to your wardrobe, remember that less is more. Less does not mean boring, however! When you keep your styles simple and create interest through structure and color you will bring elegance to your wardrobe. Neutral colors, especially in unusual hues, feel elegant. You can layer neutrals or bring them in with prints. I especially like neutral animal prints. Structure comes from the way clothing is tailored, and how it’s worn together.

Combine Trends with Classics

Combining trends with classics is the best way to build an elegant and versatile wardrobe. Combining trends with classics lets you have a core group of pieces that work together to form the basis of your wardrobe. Then each season it’s fun to purchase trendier items and mix them with the classic pieces. Your trendier piece can be on the top, bottom or appear as an accessory. This is the most effective way to build your wardrobe, since you can still wear all classics, and the trendy item will level up your style.

Style with Neutral Colors

Neutrals like gray, black, beige and ivory can be worn together, combined with bright or deep colors, or mixed with patterns. Try wearing neutrals together, for an elegant appearance. Or wear all one color, with a silver or gold accent for drama. Animal prints, such as leopard or zebra can be found in subtle, neutral colors. The look is elegant and fashionable. Animal prints act as a neutral themselves since they can be mixed with any other color. I especially love animal prints worn with a pop of red!

Include One Structured Item

Always include one structured, tailored item in your outfit to create a look of elegance. Including at least one structured item will give your outfit definition and gravitas. Your structured item can be an article of clothing, or an accessory. The item can be a tailored jacket, structured blouse, fitted dress or geometric handbag. It’s okay to mix flowy, looser or more casual pieces with the structured items. Then if you get in the habit of always wearing at least one tailored or structured piece, it will tilt you towards fashionable elegance every time.

Add the Finishing Touches

Finally style your outfit so it looks finished and elegant. Make sure you have the right belt, shoes and not too much jewelry. When your clothing is simple, accessories will stand out more. Tuck in your blouse, or do the half tuck. Check that your fabric is of good quality and that seams are straight. When all the small details add up you will be bringing elegance to your wardrobe.