Finding your style takes a bit of introspection and thought. It is usually an awareness that will come to you over time. But if you are curious to find your style quickly you can ask yourself some questions. Then follow a few simple steps to find your style.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you begin going through your wardrobe to find your style, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. Begin with “What do I feel best in?” Then ask yourself “What do I get the most compliments in?” Finally ask yourself “What do I wear that makes me feel most like myself?” Hopefully the answers to these questions are similar or have some overlap.

The tough thing about finding your style is that we have all gotten so casual it’s hard to differentiate between comfort or sloppiness, and a true style. Sporty is a style, sloppy is not. The four styles I talk about in this article are classic, dramatic, creative, and elegant. These are styles that can work anywhere, while others like sporty or romantic are more limited.

Four Fashion Styles

Classic style is for someone more conservative, who doesn’t like to stand out. Classic style always looks appropriate without taking risks. An example of classic style is a pair of straight leg jeans and a white blouse with loafers. Classic accessories include pearls, a chain necklace and gold hoop earrings.

Dramatic style uses high contrast and exaggerated designs to create a memorable appearance. When dressed in dramatic style, you will be noticed. This look is great for presentations to groups, and other speaking opportunities. It is useful if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Creative style is perfect for those in artistic industries, or who have an inspired or unique way of thinking. Creative looks include unusual combinations of colors or styles, original or handcrafted accessories and often vintage pieces. If you are an innovative thinker, or simply want to look like one, then creative style is for you.

Elegant style is a version of classic style, that is elevated and refined. Elegant pieces are classic styles remade in softer fabrics, with gentle tailoring. The colors are understated, yet the impression is strong. Elegant style does not jump out at you; it subtly sends a message of polish and sophistication. If you aim to appear classy and refined, then choose elegant style.

Determine Your Style

Once you are aware of the four main fashion styles, consider which best fits your lifestyle, personality and goals. Look through your closet and choose three outfits that you feel truly authentic in. Determine which style (or styles) they fit into. Lastly, ask yourself, who is your style icon? Is there a celebrity, fashion designer, actor or actress whose style you admire, and would like to emulate? Taking these steps and answering these questions will bring you closer to determining your true fashion style. If you find the answers vary, or do not reflect who you truly are, then you will need to dig a little deeper.