Interviewing & Communication

As a college student,  it’s important to learn the skills that will help you with interviewing and communication. Your image is comprised of more than the technical skills learned in the classroom. You are also judged on your appearance, behavior and spoken words. Often times it’s the unspoken messages that communicate the loudest. Interviewing is a uniquely stressful situation and therefore we offer practice and preparation of both verbal and non-verbal messages in order to create the biggest benefit.

Communication for College Students

Interviewing and communication for college students can be taught in an individual or group setting. If you are you a college student struggling with communication during an interview, we will schedule time to individually practice answers to typical interview questions, along with verbal and non-verbal communication skills. If you are with a university, or part of the career services department of a college and feel that students need more practice with interviewing and communication, we will conduct a group presentation which includes the following important topics:

  • Greetings and making introductions
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Typical interview questions (and best answers)
  • Digital communication, including email, telephone and text
  • Social media
  • Networking and career fairs
  • Making conversation and small talk
  • Following up

These skills are necessary and become more important throughout one’s career.  College students will appreciate the interactive skill-building exercises  in an ImageDesign Interviewing and Communication class.

Instruction can be customized for undergraduates, graduate students or specialty areas such as law or business.

Watch Video on Dressing for Interviews

This video on Dressing for Interviews for College Students explains the importance of wearing flattering colors and simple, tailored styles.