Initial Style Consultation

During your initial style consultation, Sharon will spend two hours with you, going over your best colors, most flattering styles, and ideal accessories. She will advise you on hair color and style, eyeglasses, and makeup colors and application. She will answer any clothing or appearance questions you may have. Prior to the consultation, Sharon will have you complete a three page questionnaire, so she can learn your lifestyle needs, budget, fit and style preferences. She will then make suggestions based on this knowledge along with her observations and your physical characteristics.

Sharon will give specific suggestions on your most flattering clothing styles, the ideal length for jackets, shirts, pants and skirts, best cuts of clothing, and how pieces should fit your body. She will suggest not only which colors are most flattering, but which patterns to try and what color combinations to wear. She’ll warn you about which colors, styles and combinations to stay away from. At the end of the session Sharon will send a write-up of her suggestions, along with which brands and trends to shop for.

What You’ll Learn

After your Initial Style Consultation with Sharon you’ll learn how to choose items when shopping that are flattering and will work for your lifestyle. You’ll know how to use those items to create outfits. You’ll also understand why you’ve made mistakes in the past, and how to avoid repeating them. Sharon will give you a unique color chart, which shows the exact tones to look for when shopping. She will provide you with the confidence to get dressed every day in outfits that flatter you.

You will come away from your initial style consultation with knowledge that saves you time and money while shopping, and cuts down on returns. You will know where to shop, what to look for and what to avoid, along with how to successfully shop online. The investment you make in your initial style consultation will provide savings many times over in fewer mistakes while shopping, less time spent worrying about what to wear, and greater confidence in your appearance.