Men’s Personal Shopping Service

Sharon Kornstein, of ImageDesign, offers you two ways to get the men’s clothing that you need. She offers custom men’s clothing, and if that is not for you she offers a men’s personal shopping service. If you decide to go shopping with Sharon you will spend 2 – 4 hours together either online, or in the store or mall of your choice. Sharon will choose items for you based on your budget, work environment, lifestyle and personal preferences. She will pre-shop for you, so that there’s a room full of appropriate choices waiting for you. She’ll also work with the in-store tailor to make sure your items fit properly before you take them home.

If you don’t have time to shop in the store, other options are for Sharon to shop online, or do the legwork herself and ship the items to your home.  You will have final say on what to keep. She will create different looks for you by combining your new purchases with what you already own. And lastly, if you can’t find what you need in the store or online, Sharon will order it directly from one of her resources. Whichever option you choose, you will  be able you to complete your wardrobe and feel confident about what to wear.

Why Work with Sharon

Every year Sharon attends the DFNY  menswear show to learn which trends are featured and to make sure you are getting the best value in men’s clothing. She can help you find suits, sport coats, casual and dress slacks, shirts or a tuxedo. Also, Sharon sells men’s accessories that complement what you will find in the store. Some areas that ImageDesign’s men’s personal shopping service can help you with are:

  • Finding good quality business or business casual looks for every day
  • Getting jeans that fit and are flattering
  • Preparing for a business presentation, video, interview or head-shot
  • Getting dressed for an upcoming formal event
  • Putting together a travel wardrobe
  • Optimizing the details. Sharon will advise you on everything from eyeglasses and hair, to shoes, socks, ties and belts.

In addition Sharon is an independent Nordstrom men’s personal shopper and can take you to any Nordstrom store for VIP treatment, including the new Nordstrom men’s store in NYC.

If you are unsure whether shopping with Sharon is the right course of action, she offers a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation which you can schedule here: BOOK CONSULTATION