Virtual Closet

Example of a Virtual Closet Section.

What is Virtual Closet?

Virtual closet is a subscription service that will simplify online shopping and help keep your clothing organized. It will allow you to get instant fixes to wardrobe dilemmas and make outfit coordination easy. Your virtual closet is your personal online wardrobe space where we’ve already uploaded photos of the contents of your actual closet. This allows us to put together outfits for you and make recommendations on what to buy and what to wear. We can shop for you online or in the store, and post suggested items to your virtual closet. Once they meet your approval, you can buy them right from the photo.  

Three Sections to the Closet

There are three sections to your virtual closet. The first is simply “closet”. This has photos of all the items that are in your actual closet. Either you have photographed and uploaded them, or we’ve done it together. The second is “lookbook”. The lookbook includes looks that we have put together for you using items from your closet. It’s basically a handy guide to the outfits that you already own. The third section is “finds”. These are items that you are considering buying, and have uploaded for our approval; or items that we’ve recommended for you, by looking online or going to the store for you. It’s easy to match up finds with the pieces you already own. Items in finds can be purchased directly by clicking on them.

Who is a Virtual Closet For?

A virtual closet is for anyone who gets confused or overwhelmed when trying to decide what to wear. It’s especially good for those who like shopping online, but may have made some poor purchases. It’s useful if you want to:

  • Have a 5 or 7 day per week book of outfits that are already in your closet.
  • Get immediate feedback when shopping online.
  • Get instant advice on what to wear for a particular occasion.
  • Have access to view your current wardrobe online when asking questions by text or email.
  • See at a glance what clothing you already own in order to create new or existing outfits.
  • Basically have your personal image consultant on speed dial for any wardrobe or shopping questions as they arise.

Virtual Closet is a 24 hour per day monthly subscription service that connects you to your personal image consultant for any wardrobe questions you have. Prices start at $45/month. Click here to see a sample closet and learn more.