Business Attire

One goal of a business attire presentation is to define your company’s dress code. We offer suggestions for employees on how to achieve the look that best represents your company’s brand. Employees are representatives of your firm. As brand ambassadors, they should present themselves as polished and professional. When your employees don’t look the part, it is often difficult to explain why. An ImageDesign business attire seminar or webinar will clarify your company’s objectives and explain in personal terms what needs to be done.

Business Professional and Business Casual

We always use current styles to define what’s acceptable business attire. Whether your firm is business professional attire, business casual attire, or a mix,  ImageDesign will use proprietary photos that easily explain the different levels of dress. We describe the various levels of business dress, and when each is appropriate. Furthermore, we take your employees’ style preferences into consideration when presenting business dress suggestions.

Your employees will learn how to build their wardrobe so that getting dressed becomes a simple process. They will understand that the messages they send with their clothing and appearance affect both their success and the long-term goals of your firm. Along with positive examples of business attire, we demonstrate what not to wear and why.

Sharon Kornstein, AICI, CIP, owner of ImageDesign LLC, has given dozens of corporate talks on business attire. She will design a business attire program for your firm which includes your dress code along with specific suggestions for each attendee based on their role in the firm.

Business Attire Topics

  • Importance of a strong visual image
  • Definition of professional attire
  • Levels of business casual and which are appropriate
  • Essentials of a business wardrobe
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Creating Executive Presence
  • Selecting fabrics
  • Grooming and accessories
  • Proper fit
  • Perception of Color

Every business professional attire talk is interactive and customized. ImageDesign will enable your employees to look current, polished and professional. We will help them come up with a style plan that aligns with your expectations.

Individual sessions are available for key talent. They will be conducted by Sharon Kornstein as a stand-alone service, or in conjunction with a group or firm-wide presentation.

From a joint Lakeland Bank/Financial Women’s Association Presentation at Bloomingdale’s

Corporate Clients include Alcoa,  Novartis, Deloitte, Merck, Merrill Lynch, CBIZ, MLM, Lowenstein Sandler, Unity Bank, Sciarrillo Cornell, Sobel & Co. and NY Life.