My clients often question me on how to look polished and put-together, and in this blog I will address the issue in more detail. There are several aspects to looking polished and put-together that I’d like to bring to your attention. Appearing polished is all about the details; paying attention to your collar choices, where your hem and sleeves lie, and accessorizing. Looking put-together is more about cuts of clothing, dressing in outfits, and being intentional with how you create a daily look. Here are some easy tips on achieving a cohesive, pulled together outfit without much fuss or expense!

Think in Terms of the Outfit

When you’re considering what to wear I suggest you think in terms of the whole outfit. Rather than simply trying to put items together, consider a theme, or overriding idea to make your outfit look cohesive. Some ideas could be color related such as black and white, or various shades of blue. Maybe you want to dress in all neutrals, or go with a trending style such as nautical, boho, or coastal grandmother. Include your accessories too! You can start with your shoes and create an outfit from that. Or begin with a special necklace or scarf Using a theme for your outfit will help you appear polished and put-together.

Collar of Your Jacket Should Complement that of Your Shirt

If you are unsure why certain jackets don’t look right with a particular top, it could be that their collars are not aligned. The collar of your jacket should complement that of your shirt. Some blouse necklines such as jewel or pintuck styles will match most any jacket or cardigan. Be careful, though, with v-necks, low scoop necks, pointed collars, and others. Certain jacket styles just do not go with various tops, for example see the look of an open collar blouse with a peak lapel jacket at lower right.

Tuck in Tops, Pay Attention to Hem and Sleeve Lengths

Tucking in tops that are longer or less fitted at the bottom will help create a neater, more polished look. Paying attention to hems on shirts and pants, along with sleeve lengths, lets you figure out the best proportion styles for your body.

If you are short-waisted (have long legs compared to your torso) then ankle pants, capris and longer shorts will look better than maxi skirts, minis or short skirts. And for those who are long-waisted (long torso compared to your legs) or more evenly balanced, full length pants, shorts to the mid-thigh and any length skirt (midi, maxi, to the knee) will work. Remember also to mix cropped with longer items, and that the sleeves on your jacket shouldn’t come past the wrist bone. Elbow and three-quarter length sleeves are flattering and slimming for most. Or stick with the sleeve length that you feel most comfortable with!

Place Jewelry Evenly on the Neck

Wearing accessories is a good start to creating a polished and put-together look. When wearing a necklace, look to place it evenly between your shirt and your chin. Try to buy necklaces that are adjustable, so you can figure out the best spot for it. Your necklace is better off placed evenly on your neck, or laying flat on your shirt, rather than somewhere in between.

Remember, looking polished is about smoothing out any rough edges. Looking put-together is about creating a cohesive, flattering look. I hope these tips will help you look polished and put-together every day, so that you feel confident and truly looking your best!