Personal Shopping

Do you go to your local mall or department store and get completely overwhelmed? Does the thought of spending time shopping make you anxious? Would you like to bring your own personal advisor along on your next shopping trip?

What is the Personal Shopping Process?

After completion of a three page questionnaire, we discuss your goals, your budget, and what’s lacking in your wardrobe. After that we plan a shopping trip based on your needs, budget and personal style. While shopping, you will try on a variety of items, many that you would not have chosen on your own. Based on your input and Sharon’s observations, she will soon be able to “nail” your best look. At the conclusion of your shopping trip you will have several go to outfits consistent with your body type, personality, profession and lifestyle.

Here are some benefits of personal shopping with Sharon from ImageDesign:

  • Creating go-to outfits for the different events in your life
  • Special discounts and perks at various department stores
  • Finding matches for items that are currently in the wardrobe and are underutilized
  • Discovering your style as we look at many items and may try some on that are outside your typical style range
  • Saving time as we start with items in the fitting room that have been pre-selected by Sharon before you arrive
  • Saving money, by only buying clothes that are flattering and will be worn often
  • Ending up with outfits that are complete and accessorized
  • Reducing stress, as Sharon will expertly navigate the shopping experience
  • Fun! We promise to turn shopping into a pleasant experience
  • Most important, you will look your best and be thrilled with your new purchases

Personal shopping with Sharon is available after either a wardrobe cleanout or a brief phone call in order to determine compatibility. A personal shopping trip typically takes 3 – 5 hours. Sharon will choose the location(s) with your style and budget in mind.