Corporate Etiquette & Communication

Corporate etiquette and business communication are two of the most difficult professional traits to master, yet are cornerstones of effective workplace behavior and leadership. It’s impossible to be a good manager without these skills. Proper behavior and respectful communication can defuse a tricky situation and even prevent it from happening in the first place.

An ImageDesign Corporate Etiquette and Business Communication training program will increase your firm’s productivity and employee engagement by improving morale and encouraging everyone to get along better. We can help you and your employees master the behavior and communication aspects of business encounters in order to feel confident when navigating various situations.

This training includes cross-cultural etiquette and protocol, so if your firm conducts international business, entertains clients from other countries, or recruits internationally it is an essential tool.

During a Corporate Etiquette and Business Communication class, Sharon Kornstein will provide interactive exercises and advice for handling tricky situations.  She will prepare your employees in advance for the challenging situations they may find themselves in, including:

  • Organizing and hosting a business event
  • Accepting criticism
  • International business travel and gift giving
  • Business dining
  • Leading a meeting, especially as a young professional
  • Crisis management
  • For internationals in the US, incomplete knowledge of American cultural norms

One of the most important qualities of successful employees is being socially adaptable. Whether you or your employees are doing business development, looking for funding, marketing, working in product development, or managing a team, knowledge of professional etiquette and effective business communication is paramount to their, and your success.