It’s that time of year when summer has been over for a while, and we need to look in our closets and figure out what to wear for fall. With chillier mornings, bright afternoons and sundown coming earlier, we want cozy, versatile and layered. Fall trends this season are timeless, and many include styles you may already own. The looks include quiet luxury, textured fabrics, very wide leg pants, and Barbiecore. Here are some simple ways to incorporate these looks into your wardrobe.

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is more of a feeling or mindset than an actual style, so there are several ways to get the look. J Crew and White House Black Market (among others) are showing what they call Ladylike Jackets. These jackets come in a woven fabric, with trim detail and luxury buttons. They’re often cropped to the waist, so can be worn with a dress, skirt, pants or jeans. Lastly, they’re cut straight with a round neck, and flattering to most. Adding a ladylike jacket to your wardrobe is one way to achieve quiet luxury.

The monochrome look is another quiet luxury style. This look comes from wearing all neutrals in a similar or matching tone. There is usually some texture involved, and the neutral colors can be some shade of dark brown, gray, tan, ivory or black.

Including texture is important to create interest and add contrast when wearing a single color. Soft autumn textures like cashmere, corduroy and tweed add an element of the quiet luxury that we’re going for.

Plaid and Corduroy

Plaid and corduroy are in the same section, as to me, they are both in the “classic styles with fall feeling” category. Plaids have been cropping up for a while now, and this season the plaids are larger, with matching or contrasting pieces worn together. In other words, plaid takes center stage.

Corduroy as a fall staple comes and goes, and this season it is definitely here. Narrow wale corduroy pants in a variety of colors appear at every price point. Meanwhile corduroy is appearing in jackets, shackets, trousers and coats. Unlike the plaid trend, however, I don’t recommend mixing different corduroys. Instead match them with denim, cashmere, cotton knits or wool, as these provide a nice complement. And don’t be afraid that corduroy will add on pounds, the narrow wale that is currently popular is as flattering as it is cozy.


Barbiecore is another trend still around for fall. If you enjoy wearing pink, feminine clothing this is your moment. The style entails wearing one or more shades of pink while keeping the entire outfit in a soft, feminine style. Pink, especially when worn at work, used to be considered a weak, less powerful color. That has changed and wearing pink now is a strong symbol of femininity and influence.


A discussion of timeless fall trends would be incomplete without mentioning footwear. Shoes for the season include the very wearable Mary Jane, classic loafers, ballet flats and slingbacks. It seems that shoe designers have finally gotten the message that we no longer want to wear 3+ inch heels, narrow pointy pumps, platforms or stilettos. Boots include kitten heel or block heel in both booties and knee high looks. Try loafers with your wide or straight leg jeans, kitten heels with midi and maxi skirts, slingbacks with your lady jackets and more traditional looks, and ballet flats with minis. Pointy flats look great peeking out from drapey leg pants, and Mary Janes (which have a strap across the foot) will go with pretty much anything.

The tricky thing about some of these trends is that they require a casual, thrown together look, yet still require effort. Please contact us if you have questions on how to achieve these quiet luxury and carelessly pulled together looks. Happy shopping, and enjoy your fall wardrobe!