Where Do You Go to Buy Value?

Last week in my travels I passed a shop in a strip mall called “The Value Store”. It started me thinking about value shopping. Do you actually buy value at The Value Store? Do you buy it at other discount shops? Can you really buy “value”? When you look up value in the dictionary, it states as the definition: relative worth, merit, or importance. In fact all definitions include a phrase about “in relation to” or “what it can be exchanged for”. Value therefore isn’t an absolute amount, rather it’s held up as a comparison to other choices.

Value Shopping

Everyone would agree that value is especially important in today’s economy. You certainly don’t want your hard-earned dollars to be used for something that doesn’t give good value. That brings me back to the original question. Where do you go to buy value? The answer in my opinion is you buy value when you buy something that you will use and enjoy again and again and which actually gets better with age. Value can be purchased at Century 21 or Saks Fifth Avenue. It is not related to the original cost; rather it’s the magnitude of use and enjoyment you will get from it. You will get more value from a beautiful painting that hangs in your living room year after year than from a poster which begins to fade after a short time. Similarly you will get more value from a classic year round suit or sheath dress which you can wear time and again than from a trendy jumpsuit which may be less expensive and look cute this season but gives no lasting satisfaction. Remember it’s the enjoyment over the long haul rather than the instant pleasure that brings value.

Selling Value?

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