Spring Trends: What to Look For

Ladies, if you’ve done any clothes shopping for spring, you would not have been able to miss some of this year’s trends. Strong colors in bright and bold patterns take center stage. Mixed in with these are neutrals in unusual shades and bright accessories. It’s easy to mix high with low, old with new and anything with black or white. There is truly something for everyone. Here in no particular order are the ten trends for spring 2010 that I like best and the body type or personality that it is suitable for:

  1. White is huge for summer. It’s found in dresses, pants, jackets and complete outfits (often with a touch of color in a contrasting belt). This look can be dramatic or soft and innocent. Just remember to switch from pure white to ivory if your coloring is anything but a cool winter.
  2. Nautical or Military designs for jackets and tops. These are usually found in navy and white (for nautical) or army green (for military) and sport features like stripes, epaulets, or brass buttons. Any top or jacket with a lot of detail will easily balance out a pear-shaped figure. Additionally epaulets or other shoulder details visually extend narrow shoulders and can be worn by all except those whose shoulders are already naturally broad.
  3. Polka Dots – These come in varying sizes and can be found in tops, bathing suits (if you are old enough you will Carlisle Polka Dot Skirt and Topremember a song that celebrates this), dresses and even shoes. The larger the pattern the bolder it seems so keep the pattern size consistent with your height and weight. Also, match the contrast in the pattern to your natural coloring contrast (difference between hair and skin tone).
  4. Dresses are huge. Everyone needs at least two or three flattering dresses in their wardrobe. They are so comfortable and easy to put on. You may need to try on several different styles to find one that’s comfortable. Some to try include wrap style (for hourglass figure), bubble dress (puffier below the waist, good for those larger on the bottom), empire (if you are short-waisted), ruched (fabric is gathered at the waist and hip, hides various figure flaws), trapeze (will bypass the waist if your tummy is an issue) and A-line (flatters most figures except petite). Wear them with neutral shoes in an unusual design.
  5. Vibrant Patterns Silk screened patterns in bright colors appear as abstract designs resembling water colors. We saw some examples of this in dresses at the Academy Awards. Use a silk-screened top to brighten up a neutral suit or wear a patterned sleeveless dress and tone it down with a solid cardigan. These fabrics are not for the faint of heart but if the colors are in your flattering palette you will receive a lot of compliments.
  6. Floral Designs in clothing, jewelry and accessories. Floral designs are part of a retro sixties look and portray the bright happy feeling of the summer of love. You will find floral designs in dresses, cardigan sweaters, tops, brooches and as appliqués on belts or handbags. This is a fun look for weekend or business casual.
  7. Pearls are a big accessory – they are draped in layers with varying colors, sizes and lengths. Traditional pearls are flattering to softer palettes, but there is so much variety in the new pearl fashion accessory that there should be something for everyone. Experiment with color and length, you can wear several necklaces at a time, double or triple the necklaces you have or mix a pearl necklace with a silver or gold link or loop chain.
  8. Details such as bows, knots and appliqués. Bows are appearing everywhere from classic sheath dresses to ties on cardigans to Gaultier Dressdetails on shoes. You will see knot details on otherwise basic tops and to offset symmetry on a dress or jacket. Look for clothing or accessories with removable appliqués, as you may not always want that many details.
  9. Color Combinations: The freshest color combinations (according to InStyle magazine) are gray & red; tan & orange; white & yellow; navy & turquoise. These combos are all in the low-medium contrast range and so should suit most individuals assuming the basic colors are in your palette. Oranges and reds range from screaming bright to muted so choose the shade that matches your coloring and personality. Yellow is best in a bright sunshiny color and navy and turquoise and navy should flatter most everyone.

10. Stripes of varying width or direction. Stripes are a great tool to tease the eye or focus attention on or away from certain areas of the Eva Longoriabody. Horizontal stripes across your shoulder, bust or waist will automatically cause the viewer to look there and away from your hips or another body part that you want to diminish. Vertical stripes will elongate the body part on which they are worn, so a seersucker jacket will elongate a short waist, while pin-striped slacks will make your legs look longer. Keep the width of the stripe consistent with your height/weight and you will be surprised how versatile an image tool this is.

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