Dressing for Interviews (Part 1)

If you are interviewing or think there may be a job search in your future, it’s a good idea to update your wardrobe first. The way you present yourself visually is often the method by which others, especially in an interview situation, judge you. Why not make the most of those first few seconds and create a fabulous first impression?
Here are some tips for achieving a style that is current, professional and age-appropriate:

1. Give away any clothes that are worn out, pilling, shiny or don’t fit. Include anything that is more than ten years old. These clothes might feel like vintage gems to you, but to others look dated.

2. Try mixingPeak Lapel Sport Coat up fabrics and patterns. Larger patterns can mix with smaller ones; similarly small geometrics can mix with florals, paisleys and weaves. Just keep the same color palette.

3. Hairstyle and eyeglasses should be reviewed every two years. There is nothing wrong with a classic hairstyle that youMakeup and Hair like, just ask your stylist to make subtle changes as time goes by.

4. Similarly makeup needs to be assessed. Our skin coloration changes as we age, and what looked flattering in the past may not work now.

5. Take a seDKNY Suitrious look at jewelry. A strong watch looks current, put the dainty ones away for another time. make sure you have a strong focal point, such as a pendant or bangle bracelet. Your other pieces should complement the focal point. Stay away from matched jewelry sets, they will date you.

6. One final note about color. There is no faster way to date yourself than by wearing all black. Color is all around us, and appearing youthful and energetic is as easy as adding a touch of it to an outfit. Purple, yellow, red, turquoise and pink are all bright and energetic. Choose one color or a pattern that combines several, throw it on and have fun!

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