Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

We are in the middle of summer, the warmest time of the year in the Northern hemisphere. Here are some tips for staying cool on the hottest of days.

1. First of all, stick with natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen, which are lightweight and cooling on the skin. .
2. Wearing lighter colors will help keep you cooler, and it’s a good opportunity to try colors you don’t ordinarily wear, such as lavender, white, or silver gray.

3. For women, opt for wearing dresses or tailored skirts in place of long pants.
4. Change up your makeup style and opt for more summer-friendly colors. Wear light, neutral and natural shades. Be moderate with eye makeup but you can change up your style with a bold lip color.

5. Try some summer specific beauty products.We know it’s important to wear sunscreen underneath your makeup. Products such as Olay Moisturizer with SPF serves as a dual function protective moisturizer for your face. In humid weather, set your makeup with a setting spray such as Urban Decay makeup setting spray to prevent it from smudging or rubbing off. There are hair products such as Bumble and Bumble hair spray that tame your hair and keep it in place while also giving your hair subtle waves.


6. Some tips for men include switching your wool slacks or blazer for a lightweight linen, poplin or seersucker version. Seersucker doesn’t need to be your father’s striped pattern, but now comes in solids and interesFan in heatting weaves.

7. Construction of your clothing is important as well. You can opt for unlined pants, and half-lined French-seamed jackets. Avoid silk lining in the summer months as it will hold in perspiration and become limp.

8. Clothing that is a little baggy and less fitted will help air circulate and make  you feel cooler.

9. At the very least, try wearing a hat. It will keep the sun off your head and make staying cool easier, even if you don’t feel it!