Preparing Your Wardrobe for Winter

Most of us enjoy the change in seasons as it enables us to experience all types of weather without leaving home. Of course, cold, snow and sleet might not be as pleasurable as a warm spring breeze, but they are here for the next several months. Here are some suggestions on how to get through winter fashionably:

For Women:

1. A cape or shawl will keep you warm and cozy. Unless you’re outside in very cold weather for an extended length of time, a cozy cape or shawl, especially if layered over a sweater or blazer, will provide enough warmth. A woven shawl lets you add a pattern and some color, and is easy to store in your purse or tote, rather than worrying about where to hang a coat.

2. Experiment with furry or faux fur snow boots. There is a very cute style of snow boots available now that can match leggings, trousers or jeans. They keep your feet warm and although not appropriate for professional or business formal dress, they are fine for going out or business casual.

3. Sort through your sweaters. Rather than wait for the day you need to wear a certain sweater such as a black turtleneck, sort through your sweater drawer early in the season. Sweaters don’t always last through the summer well, and may have stains, moth holes or other imperfections. Try to have an assortment of v-necks, turtlenecks and jewel necks on hand so you always have something to match with a particular jacket or cardigan.

For Men:

4. Buy Wingtip Boots: Wingtip boots are a nice cross between water proof galoshes and dress shoes. They can be worn with a suit, sport jacket or jeans and work in all types of winter weather.

5. Add a sweater or sweater vest: Men’s sweaters have become more versatile and can be worn with a sport jacket, dress trousers, jeans or khakis. Try a sweater vest under a blazer or a suit to dress down and keep warm.

6. Double check your coat wardrobe: Ideally you will have a mix of heavy and light coats in your closet, including a more formal overcoat, a water-resistant trench, and a mid-weight casual pea coat or leather jacket.

These items will help you last through the winter while keeping warm and looking stylish!