For 2021, menswear will continue along in the casual direction it was headed before the pandemic. I believe it’s important to have a well-rounded wardrobe, and you still want to look polished and put-together. Your wardrobe should include traditional and less structured suits, flattering jeans, sporty looks and comfortable shoes. This is menswear in 2021, and in this way you will be ready for anything!

Dress for Comfort

As we have gotten used to sweatshirts, comfy pants and slippers or flip-flops, it’ll be difficult to wear constricting and tight garments again. The good news is we won’t need to. Once things open up and we’re out and about, you’ll see more drawstring waist pants, natural fabrics, and casual shoes – moccasins, sneakers and loafers. Technology is coming through and creating fabrics that are lightweight and wrinkle-free. These aspects of your wardrobe will create comfort and ease.

Suits are Less Structured

Consistent with the comfort theme, suits are trending towards a less structured, less fitted look. A less structured suit has no shoulder padding, a looser fit at the waist, and a floating canvas, which lets the jacket feel soft and natural. Suit pants are fitted, although you may see some with a drawstring or elastic waist (thanks to the Covid 19!). Also, you will also see more pleated pants, albeit without cuffs. What you wear with your suit has also changed. Ties will still be worn for more formal meetings and events; and for ordinary business wear you will see everything from turtlenecks, sweaters, vests to plain buttoned-up collared shirts worn under jackets.

70’s Preppy and Denim Looks

70’s preppy and denim looks are coming back for 2021. These looks include the cricket sweater, banded or ribbed cable knit vests, fair isle sweaters, and all white. Ralph Lauren perfected the style, and now you can find these sweaters and sweater vests worn with everything from a tee-shirt to a blazer, to a three piece suit.

Jeans are a classic, and will never go out of style. Jeans for 2021 trend back to traditional styles. They’re looser in the leg, longer, and in a dark denim, or lighter wash. Don’t forget your denim workshirt or jacket! It’s the perfect layering piece come spring.

Comfort Shoes, Sneakers & Moccasins

Although it’s nice to have a varied shoe wardrobe, current wisdom believes that less is more. One pair of dress shoes, along with comfort shoes, sneakers & moccasins can form the basis of your shoe wardrobe. With comfort and sustainability remaining top of mind I suggest having a pair of white or light colored leather sneakers, slip on dark moccasins, and comfort shoes such as loafers or rubber-soled lace-ups. Then look to simply polish up your traditional business and business casual shoes. Once we get past virtual meetings, you will see more casual (yet polished) shoes worn with everything.