College Dining Etiquette

Why is Dining Etiquette Important?

Knowledge of dining etiquette is vital, especially when entering the job market. Many second interviews now take place in a restaurant so employers can predict how students will conduct themselves in a dining situation. College Dining Etiquette is taught over a meal which allows students to practice what they have learned in a safe group setting. It is essential to learn table manners and dining etiquette before entering the business world.

What do Students Learn?

During an ImageDesign College Dining Etiquette Presentation, students will learn:

  • American and Continental styles of dining
  • Placement of silverware during rest and completion of a meal
  • Handling bread, napkins and condiments
  • What to order including buffets and discussion of alcohol
  • Seating arrangements and keeping pace
  • How to host a business meal
  • Eating tricky foods
  • What to do when problems arise

Included in an ImageDesign Dining Etiquette Presentation is a demonstration, along with practice, of holding and using silverware. Additionally, we present slides explaining table settings, and individual instruction for students having difficulty. Lastly, is a discussion of conversational tactics and basic business etiquette. Often an ImageDesign College Dining Etiquette Presentation is conducted over an actual meal (usually lunch). This way the students can learn manners and business etiquette in real time as they eat and converse.

“Many thanks to you for the beautiful dining etiquette luncheon you conducted at the Victoria Dabrowski Schmidt ’42 Career Conference for Douglass Women. It was the highlight of the day! Many students have commented on how valuable they found it, and the staff and alumnae picked up some tips and enjoyed it immensely, too.

I hope we’ll have the chance to do a similar such event in the future.”

Karen Alexander, PhD
Dean of Junior and Senior Year Programs
Douglass Residential College

A Dining Etiquette talk can be a stand-alone session, or presented during the luncheon portion of an all-day conference or summit.

After attending a Dining Etiquette session, students will have learned the proper way to conduct themselves at any type of meal or dining event. In addition, they will know how to make conversation and approach a business discussion over a meal. They will feel confident attending, ordering and using silverware throughout any dining situation. Similarly, they will now realize the importance of table manners and dining etiquette in the business world.

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