[pullQuote position=”center”]”Over the years I have had multiple opportunities to cross paths with Sharon Kornstein. On several of those occasions it is because we hired her to do a presentation for our firm. Whether she is coaching our youngest staff on appropriate business etiquette or she is facilitating a discussion with seasoned women business owners combining fashion tips with personal branding, she is always thoughtful about her audience and their needs, completely professional, and knowledgeable about the subject matter. It is these three characteristics that make her a much sought after presenter and a well respected consultant. It is a pleasure to work with Sharon and I intend to do so again whenever the chance arises.”

Sally Glick
Principal, Sobel & Co.
Chief Growth Strategist

[/pullQuote][pullQuote position=”center”]“Thanks Sharon for a great event.  We received very positive feedback from our women.”

Michelle D. Lifschitz
CohnReznick [/pullQuote]

[pullQuote position=”center”]“A big thank you to Sharon Kornstein of ImageDesign for a fabulous presentation on personal image, color and style!”

Kate Conroy
Executive Director, Gateway Chamber of Commerce[/pullQuote]

[pullQuote position=”center”]“I feel great about our time together; looking forward to wearing my new clothes.”

Jenn Levine, artist[/pullQuote]

[pullQuote position=”center”]“I like all of the new pieces you helped me with.  I have gotten rave reviews about the dark blue Hugo Boss suit, especially from my clients and co-workers.  Also, the light-colored Reiss suit was well-received during a trip to the West Coast.  The new pieces have given me some extra confidence, and good news is I have been invited back for a second round interview on June 25th.”

E. Trotta, banking executive[/pullQuote]

[pullQuote position=”center”]”I want to thank you for coming to speak at MSU and for the time you took after you spoke, to give me some pointers that I took away with me and put to use with this event. Being an older student (sic) and learning isn’t easy and getting information from a professional like yourself really helped me up my game. There is real competition out there and I can’t thank you enough for giving me the special sparkle, “polish” if you will, that will help me become the professional that I aspire to be.”

Kim Hawes-Jones

[pullQuote position=”center”]”When I get dressed in the morning, it is not unusual for me to think “What would Sharon think about this?” Although I have not gone to your events yet, your presentation had a big impact on me. I’m better at eliminating clothes from my wardrobe that are just not right, and choosing ones that work.”

Susan Kessel, Owner
Chatham Print and Design

[pullQuote position=”center”]”Thank you so much for being the keynote speaker for the Wharton Women Etiquette Dinner. I do not believe that the event would have been as successful if not for your presence. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the different facts and tips about etiquette that you provided and found it extremely insightful. Thank you again for making last night’s event wonderful and I hope to work with you again in the future.”

Justine Shiou
University of Pennsylvania, 2013
The Wharton School | Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Economics
Re: Wharton Women Etiquette Dinner[/pullQuote]

[pullQuote position=”center”]”I thought it was a great meeting this morning. People really loved Sharon’s presentation. So here’s what happened after the meeting. I had a meeting with a prospective new client. If I land it, this could be one of the biggest accounts I have. As I drove to the meeting I thought maybe I should ditch the tie… it’s a meeting with the head of IT, so probably someone in torn jeans and hasn’t showered yet this week. But I stayed dressed as is. Turns out, this guy was dressed in almost the same grey suit and yellow tie as me, similar black dress shoes, he looked really sharp. We had a great meeting, and I’m still in the running to get the deal. I’m telling you this because it’s really amazing timing. Does the tie make a difference? I don’t know. But the one time I thought there’s no way I would be “out-dressed”, turns out I was wrong.”

Josh Dill
Sr. Account Director[/pullQuote]

[pullQuote position=”center”]”Thank you for your wonderful presentation this past Thursday night. I received very positive feedback from the students, who found the seminar content very valuable. One can see a high level of interaction and participation of the students, they learned new things, especially self-awareness in body language-which they can apply in their job search and networking approach. They also connected with each other after the session. The seminar generated a lot of positive energy. ”

Crescenzo E Fonzo
Director-Career Services
St Peter’s College
2641 John F Kennedy Blvd
Jersey City, NJ 07306-5943[/pullQuote]

[pullQuote position=”center”]”Wearing my suit today and the white shirt. Love it!”

Mike A., Partner, Deloitte