There’s Something New About Classics

I am often focusing on new trends, which are of course what make fashion vibrant and interesting. However, there are several classics which being classic, have never gone away but are finding favor now in the stores and on the runway. Look for them in your closet; they deserve to be taken out and worn.Cardigan Sweaters: Who does not love a cardigan sweater? They are practical, cozy, and come in such a variety of fabrics, colors and lengths that there must be one to suit every need. Use a cardigan to: add color to a plain dress or top; as a layering piece when you do not want to wear a jacket; tone down a too bold outfit; cover up or smooth out unflattering lines. Cardigans are currently featured for men as well as womeBanana Republic Men's Cardigann by designers such as Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and Banana Republic

Men's Charcoal Gray Three-Piece SuitTailored Vests: Vests for men are as popular as vests for women, although for a different reason. Menswear vests are most often worn as part of a three-piece suit. I love the vest look as I feel it finishes off a classic two-button suit (another perennial favorite) and looks just as good with a jacket on as with it off. Vests for women are more often a fashion statement used to add interest to a simple top and slacks or skirt. Vests for women are not as fitted and can be worn unbuttoned.

Transitional Coats: The weather today seems as changeable as ever, and designers have popularized both trench coats and what used to be called a Charlize Theron in Burberry Trench CoatSpring Coat to tide us through various weather situations. Both are appropriate as a transitional piece for spring and fall, the difference being that a water repellent trench coat will take you further into autumn and of course protect against unexpected showers. Current styling for mens coats features knee length, fitted silhouettes with large collars. Womens spring and trench coats are available in bright colors with interesting buttons and may be shorter than the dress or skirt which it covers. Options to extend wear include not only a zip-out lining, but a reversible feature so you can switch colors to your mood

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