Is Matching Passé?

Mixed Patterns and StylesThere is a trend this summer that I’ve noticed in both men’s and women’s fashions, and that is to wear items that do not, in the traditional sense, match. This includes both clothing and accessories: ties don’t always match shirts, scarves don’t seem to match jackets or tops, and tops don’t match with slacks. I’m not commenting on items that obviously clash, but more on pieces that don’t have anything in common to make them good matching buddies. When done right, the look comes across as fun, sophisticated and creative. When done wrong, however it looks sloppy and downright unattractive. Years ago I was told that earrings and a necklace shouldn’t be part of a set, it’s better if they simply coordinate. But this juxtaposition of unmatched garments takes it to a whole new level!

There are benefits of not being perfectly coordinated and matched:

  1. Not looking like you’re trying too hard.
  2. More edgy when things are a little off
  3. It’s interesting to make your own combinations
  4. So many pretty colors that you want to wear as many as possible
  5. Colors that are flattering for you generally complement each other as well
  6. Each accessory is seen as individual and unique.

Anyone caPink_Orange Dress Giorgio Armanin put a solid color tie with a patterned shirt, or vice versa. However, matching patterned ties with patterned shirts creates a more sophisticated, stylish look.

So, I guess the advice my mother gave me when I was six and began choosing my own outfits about never wearing pink and red together is obsolete; what do I see all the time, pink and red, pink with orange, and sometimes pink, red and orange all together!

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