5 Menswear Trends for 2013

After attending the Spring 2013 MrKet and NY Designer Forum Shows for Men, I came away with a few conclusions. First of all, menswear trends move less quickly than women’s, so most of what is in your wardrobe, assuming it fits, is still wearable. However, unless you own one of the more fitted, slim-cut, shorter new suits, your wife/girlfriend/partner/significant other will think you look stodgy (even if you really don’t). Second of all, double-breasted jackets, peak lapels and vests are neither in nor out, but not as widely worn as menswear manufacturers would like.Striped Socks

Here’s my list of 5 true menswear trends to be aware of for Spring:

Most fun Menswear Trend: Bright Socks with a suit. I love this trend because it emphasizes traditional menswear (the suit), but adds an outlet for individual personality. Just don’t try it on an interview or with your most conservative client.

Most Body-Conscious Menswear Trend: Trim Cut Jackets, slim, flat front pants. This trend allows you to show off your time at the gym while lNavy Suitooking both professional and sleek. The newer suits have narrower lapels, shorter jackets, higher armholes, and slimmer flat front pants. Pair with a fitted dress shirt with a shorter, wide-spread collar and narrower tie.Crows Foot Stitch

Most Analytical Menswear Trend: Interesting Shirt and Button Details. In my custom shirt line there is a group of new style and color buttons, along with different button stitching that can make them stand out, look dressy, casual or in-between.

Easiest Menswear Trend: Navy. Anyone can pull off this trend since we all love navy. And navy isn’t just extremely dark blue anymore, it’s medium blue, gray blue, light navy and blue so dark it looks stripes and plaidblack.

Most Complicated Menswear Trend: Mixing and matching prints. When done correctly this trend looks rich and sophisticated. When done incorrectly it simply looks sloppy. The key is to keep the color palette consistent and vary the size of the patterns; you can even wear stripes and plaids together so long as one is large and one is small.

I have also been noticing a general increase of menswear back to basics, including more men wearing ties, sport coats, golf shirts (short sleeve and long) and solid dress shirts. There is a definite return to elegance in women’s clothing, and you guys have to keep up!

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