Spring Wardrobe Makeover

The weather’s finally cooperating, days are longer, and we no longer need our winter coats. Perhaps, we’ve seen pictures of new styles for spring, and aren’t sure how to incorporate them into our wardrobe. Maybe we are still struggling to lose those last ten pounds; we all need an update! It’s time for a spring closet makeover.

The idea of a makeover is not to completely replace your wardrobe, but to revise it so it’s current, polished and flattering. For women, Don_Clover_Dresssome new styles to add include something colorful, whether it’s a clover green jacket, coral cardigan Don_BW_Dresssweater, or bright scarf; a skirt, either longer, flared or pleated, and something striped.

Colors are everywhere, and “pop of color” is this season’s mantra. The color can come from a jacket, slacks, blouse, dress, or handbag, but dressing in all neutrals is a thing of the (recent) past. The key is to either wear one bright color, such as in a dress, or pair a bright with a neutral. The second item, a skirt will help you feel refreshed and spring-like, even if it’s the only thing you buy. There is a style to flatter everyone, and the longer (mid-calf) look can work either in a drapey fabric or pencil version. If you think a mid-calf skirt is too conservative, try one with a slit, or uneven hemline. It will let you display some leg. Lastly, stripes are huge, and can be found on jackets, dresses, sweaters, and scarves. Yes, the stripes are horizontal, but come in varying sizes, so you are sure to discover one that flatters your figure and curves.

Men who are looking for a closet makeover, need look no further than a bright color, cool socks and a narrow tie. The same pop of color principle for women applies to men, regarding ties, socks, pocketsquares or a shirt. Red, turquoise, pink or royal blue will work, under a jacket, peeking out of a pocket, or appearing between dark slacks and shoes. Narrow ties follow the same pattern rules that wider, more conservative ones do, except they look newer, and especially go with the slimmer, narrow lapel suits. Of course a new slim-cut suit or plaid sport jacket will update the wardrobe as well.

If you are looking for something edgier, women you can try a jumpsuit, and guys, how about a double-breasted blazer worn casual. Double_Breasted_CasualLapo Elkann pulls off the latter look with a golden colored linen-blend jacket worn with no tie and casual pants, while a jumpsuit can be for the young, or young at heart, but in either case it remains comfortable, current and polished.

A closet makeover wouldn’t be complete without the elimination of some pieces which are no longer relevant. For women these include wide bootleg pants, cocoon style oversize jackets, and platform shoes. Men, you can ditch the three-button jackets, and pleated pants. Slim and fitted is in.