How to Find Your Fashion Style Types

When we think about fashion style types several ideas come to mind. We think of people we know or celebrities who are stylish, we consider the latest trends from Vogue,  Bazaar, or #ProjectRunway, or we might think of an outfit of ours that makes us feel more (or less) in style. The tricky thing about fashion style types is that the concept of finding your individual look is not as simple as trying on outfits seen in a magazine or completing a questionnaire. The right fashion style on Rhianna will not be flattering to Sarah Jessica Parker, and the right style on Lady Gaga will not be good on anyone else! There are as many types of style as there are DNA. So, how do you find the one that’s right for you?

In order to find your personal fashion style types start by considering your favorite outfits and determine what design details they have in common. It might be the color, cut, fit, or pattern. It’s important that you consider entire outfits, and not just individual items. The outfits you choose might all be from the same store or designer, from a particular year or season, or from different sources. They might have come matched and are meant to be worn together, or possibly you matched them up on your own. The aspect they have in common is that they make you feel most like your true self and therefore more confident, vibrant and self-assured.

Once you have determined which aspects your go-to outfits have in common, it’s time for some analysis. Do they signify classicism or playfulness? Are they tailored or sporty? Covered-up or revealing? The more you can focus in on what these details signify, the sooner your fashion style will be revealed to you.

Next up is research, because to build your wardrobe you need to figure out which retailer, designer or showroom features these details and similar styles. For example, if you like a creative look then this colorful sweater skirt from Anthropologie is for  you. Sweater_SkirtIf you prefer classic items with a new trend added then shop Ann Taylor. If  a touch of whimsy is your thing try Tory Burch*. And for rich luxury fabrics and embellishment in an elegant style try British designer L K Bennett.

Lastly, consider what accessories you prefer. Are they large, chunky and dramatic? Or delicate and petite? Do they contrast with your clothing, and draw attention to themselves? Or are they more reserved and blend into the background? Your favorite accessories can tell a lot about your style because they are the icing on the cake, and often signify your personality more than the actual garments you wear.

Finding your true fashion style can be hard, but once you do you’ll notice that a lot of the things that once scared you now make you feel more confident. Dressing in your true fashion style is a bit like having the perfect blend of your inner and outer selves. According to art historian Alexander Nagel, “Style is the state in which one feels the least separation between one’s character and one’s body” Wouldn’t it be nice to feel at one with your body every time you got dressed?

* Tory Burch has generously offered to share this coupon with ImageDesign readers and followers: Coupon