Spring Trends for Men

Spring trends for men have always evolved more slowly than women’s. The big news for men is the popularity of fitted, shorter, trimmer suits, which I covered in my October blog postPlaid Sport Jacket & Tie.

Men tend to be more conservative dressers, which why I want to mention spring trends for men that have existed in the past, and are coming back to look more appealing than ever.

  1. Sport Jackets. The first of these is the sport jacket. I love the look of a sport jacket worn casually without a tie, over slacks with a collared shirt, or over jeans and a polo shirt. The right sport jacket can take you from work, to dinner, to a bar, cocktail party or networking event.
  2. Wide Stripes. The wide stripes are fun, and can be found on pants, sweaters and jackets.  As with other patterns, adjust the scale of the stripes to your body type. Wider is better with larger body types, narrow goes with slimmer body types.
  3. Bowties. This trend is still going strong, with polka dot, stripe and floral patterns especially popular. Wearing a bowtie projects a certain cool yet geeky image.
  4. Tie Pins. These have been appearing under the radar, as a subtle detail to not only hold a tie in place, but an add an elegant touch of shine. Wear them up a little higher on your tie, in a muted silver or gold.

What’s the difference between a sport jacket and a blazer? A sport jacket is the blazer’s more casual cousin. A sport jacket is often in a sporty fabric such as tweed, twill or flannel. it could be in plaid or stripes, have leather or other casual buttons, or leather pads on the elbows. A blazer is more elegant and will often have shiny buttons and be in a more polished fabric. The same rules on fit apply to sport jackets and blazers. They can be looser than a suit jacket, to allow for a vest or sweater. The sleeves can be longer so if it’s worn with a polo or short sleeved shirt they aren’t too short. Short, more fitted jacket styles do prevail now, especially with slim pants or jeans.

Whether we thank Mad Men, Jon Hamm, or American Hustle, 70’s styles are back for a little while for us to wear and enjoy.