The Meaning of Colors

We all know that certain colors look better on us than others, but did you know that colors send certain messages on their own? ​The most common colors for business are navy blue, gray and black. It’s easier to take someone seriously when they are wearing one of these colors. Brown, olive and other earth tones are useful in the caring professions, such as therapist, doctor or social worker, as they put others at ease, and can facilitate open communication. Black is seen as armor, and can be intimidating.

Have you ever been curious about the meaning of colors? Here is a list of the most common color choices, and what they signify to others.

Blue: Honest, Hardworking, Trustworthy, Organized

Gray: Refined, Respectable, Safe, Leader

Black: Assertive, Fashionable, Powerful, Aloof

Green: Tenacious, Nurturing, Dependable, Self-Reliant

Red: Confident, Passionate, Optimistic, Assertive

Purple: Sensitive, Unusual, Imaginative, Regal

Yellow: Active, Cheerful, Uninhibited, Impulsive

Pink: Gentle, Sympathetic, Accessible, Safe

Brown: Friendly, Stable, Warm, Persevering

White: Clean, Reliable, Artistic, Fresh

Consider which colors are most flattering, but also think about the meaning of the colors you wear. What messages do they send? Make sure the meaning of colors you wear is consistent with the impression you want to give.

Color Lines